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Daniel Vior Barcelona

In the heart of Barcelona, is where all the Daniel Vior magic happens. Mastering the craft of contemporary design, Vior has forever been recognized for his genius creations that are exceptional and revolutionary. Following college at Escola d’Arts i Oficis, Daniel practiced for 7 years the art of silversmithing and jewellery design, with M. Joan Ysalgue as his mentor. In 1990, he started independently and began to produce outstanding jewellery pieces. And 1996 marked the unforgettable launching of his first collection of unique and amazing jewels.


The twenty five years of experience and inspiration Daniel has gained as a designer and artisan, is shown in the style and complex characteristics of his jewels. He considers every single fine detail of his designs, every choice of enamel, gemstone or material, precisely, making each finish something exquisite and one of a kind.


The significance of life is Vior's inspiration. He enjoys working on platinum plated, sterling silver pieces, ornamented with precious gemstones and making use of home-made coloured enamels. From a concept, he patterns an elegant drawing, visualising an outcome, creating genuine, modern with surprising styles, yet very comfortable and wearable jewellery.


This top Spanish jewellery designer, supplies more than 300 jewellery shops all over his country, and his brand has now expanded to numerous countries in Europe and beyond.


Environment jewellery is the official stockist of David Vior jewellery in Manchester.

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