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An unforgettable journey, a first anniversary to celebrate,

a word of love today, a smile tomorrow, a baby on the way and a kiss yet to give.

Life is made up of special moments that are forever impressed in our hearts..


With the Composable bracelet you can choose a personal and precious way to celebrate the special moments you have enjoyed and all those yet to come. Get creative and create the exclusive Nomination bracelet of your dreams.




Buy Nomination Manchester - Buy Nomination Charms & Nomination Bracelets at Environment Jewellery in Manchester city centre.


Nomination in Italy makes unique and fashionable Nomination charms and bracelets. Each piece of Nomination jewellery is made using the highest quality of stainless steel, 18K gold, sterling silver combined with precious and semi-precious stones, cubic zirconia and swarovski crystals.

Nomination's heart is in Tuscany, near Florence, Italy where designers and best artisans bring the latest technology together to create something unique.


Environment Jewellery is the authorized stockist of Nomination in Manchester, UK. We have an extensive selection of Nomination links and charms. We also provide service to compose the bracelet with the links and charms of your choice making sure the size is the perfect fit for you.




Extension Collection Nomination Flags

Discover Nomination Classic Flag charms. Extensive collection available, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, France, Turkey, USA, Kuwait... Stunning Nomination charms expertly handcrafted in Italy using stainless steel and beautifully embellished with 18K gold detailing and enamel.

N Angel's bracelet N rose gold

Environment Jewellery is the official authorised UK stockist of NOMINATION Manchester.

Home to extensive collection of Nomination charms, looking forward to seeing you at our NOMINATION Manchester store.

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